Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal hires an international designer for Haider

Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th July 2023

Scene 1
Gazal is leaving with the keys but Haider tells her that she needs to give the keys back. She says but you gave it to me. Haider says I gave it to you for taking money, you can close your eyes but Dua will always be the queen of this house so give the keys back to her. Gazal is angry but give the keys back to Dua. She glares at her but doesn’t take the keys. Haider takes it and asks Gazal to leave. He offers the keys back to Dua and says this is your responsibility and only you are capable of taking care of this house. I am sorry for doing that but I couldn’t say no to my mother. I understand you are pained but I apologize. Dua says when I lost my husband then losing these keys mean nothing to me. You want to know what pain is so think about the day when my husband was getting married to someone else and I saw how disloyal my husband is. These keys mean nothing to me when you couldn’t even protect my heart. I lost everything that day so I don’t care about money or wealth anymore. Stop trying to gauge my pain. She leaves from there. Haider thinks I wish I could take away her pain. He leaves the keys there.

Gazal looks at the money and says these people are loaded with money. I will use this money to throw Dua out of the house. Hina comes there and says Haider lost his childhood to earn this money. I am sure you are going to take care of this money. I don’t doubt you but you always end up destroying everything. You tried cooking but made fun of yourself. This fashion week is important and I went against everyone to support you so don’t embarrass me. Gazal says don’t worry, I have learned about running businesses, I am a modern girl so my designs will be so cool. Just pray for me to succeed. Hina says I will keep praying for you.

Dua is worried that Gazal will destroy their business. I can’t let her do that. She starts embroidering clothes. She starts making designs using her own clothes. Otherside Gazal is researching about designs and calls some people.

Kaynaat is worried and tells Noor that Gazal can’t splurge our money like this. She sees Noor texting and asks if she has a boyfriend? she says no. Noor thinks she herself have a boyfriend and blaming me.

Ruhaan blames Gazal and asks why is worried about Haider’s business? Gazal says I am doing all this for you, this business is yours too. If this business is destroyed then our future will be destroyed too. I can stop working you want. Ruhaan says I am sorry, I just get worried about losing you. He hugs her tightly but she moves away and says I need to work so let me focus. He smiles and leaves.

Haider scolds Ravi for giving the designs to him, he says these designs are useless. Ravi says the workers are saying no because Dua is not dealing with them. Haider says she is not going to work for us so just work without her. Dua hears all that. Haider apologizes to Ravi and says I know we can’t fill the gap of losing some people but we have to continue working. Gazal comes there and says the business will run without Dua from now on, I am your sister in law so learn to respect me. Ravi says you are not. Gazal says I am going to run the business so respect me and we are all suffering in the same boat. Dadi says this boat is going to drown soon. Gazal tells Haider that she already found good designs using the money. Hina says you already ordered the designs? Gazal says I have seen the world so I have reached out to international designs. She calls Mr. Aarav Malhotra who is an international desgisn. Aarav comes there while all look on.


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