Ajooni 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shikha and Harvindar try to bribe Ravindra’s ditto

Ajooni 20th July 2023

Scene 1
Shikha and Harvindar see Ravindra’s ditto praying in the mandir. He thanks Lord for saving him from the dog.

Ajooni is getting ready, Rajveer comes there and says the moon is in my room. Ajooni blushes and hugs him. He gets a call and says what? he says Shikha didn’t go to the hostel that we booked for her. He tells Ajooni, she says maybe Shikha doesn’t want to take our favors? maybe she found a place on her own and we should keep helping her.

Harvindar tells Shikha that this man can’t be out trump card, he is a joker that is scared of a dog. Shikha says you have become a fool, we can use this opportunity, he looks exactly like Ravindra. We can just use this professor and he can pretend like Ravindra. We have to kidnap Ravindra. Harvindar says don’t you even think about harming my father. Shikha says we just need to hide him for somedays and use this professor so he can choose you as his heir and give you the throne. Just make Rajveer lose respect in Ravindra’s eyes, he should take the throne back from Rajveer and then we will swap Ravindra with this professor. He will make you the heir then.

Ajooni and Aman are getting ready. Rajveer comes there and takes their photos. He asks Aman to smile. Ajooni asks him to leave, they need to get ready and he needs to help the family, he can’t be here. She throws him out of the room.

Scene 2
Professor Giyaneshwar comes back home and looks at the kid sleeping. He tells Lord that his Chiku went to sleep but she must have been waiting for me. I couldn’t even read a story to her. I pray to you everyday but you keep throwing me in the trouble. Its okay though as you will help me. Harvindar and Shikha arrive there. Giyaneshwar welcomes them and says I teach English and Hindi both, I know you must be here to hire me for your kid. I will teach them everything if you pay me 5K. Harvindar says we have a big work for you, will you be in a drama? He says not at all, I can’t do that. I can’t act but I can sing. He starts singing but Harvindar shouts at him to shut up. He says lets go but Shikha gives 1 lac to Giyaneshwar and says this is just advance. He is shocked and says what will I have to do? Shikha says you just need to act, she gives him the phone number and says if you decide to work for us then give me a call.

The baby shower starts, Aman sits on the swing while the family start rituals. They all do her aarti and the swing is unscrewing on the top. Rajveer is making Ajooni’s videos. Harman asks Ajooni to do the aarti last.


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