Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: The Naughty Girls are Exposed

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2023

David cooking. Anu walks to him and asks are noodles ready. David says almost. Anu asks him did Chachi ever hit him. David says why do you ask. Anu insists him to share stories. David says she would hit with anything she could find. David says are you going to hit Vibhu. Anu says I am not heartless like other men.

Angoori comes crying to Mishra house. Anu and David ask Angoori what is wrong. Angoori tells them how Tiwari has crossed all lines with Naughty Girls. David giggles. Anu says Tiwari is behaving disgustingly. David says you should let it go, it’s like his me time also it helps those girls earn a living. Anu says are you their manager, such people don’t deserve respect. Anu says let me go teach Tiwari a lesson. Angoori says don’t or else Tiwari will be hurt. Anu says don’t worry and goes to Tiwari house.

Tiwari enjoying with Naughty Girls, Anu walks in. Tiwari gets scared seeing Anu. Anu scolds him and abuses him and says you promised me that you won’t repeat this. Preet says to Anu, you don’t have the right to speak in between, all girls try to intimidate Anu. Anu says his wife loves him so much and you are spoiling their relation and threatens Naughty Girl but they don’t listen.

Anu and Angoori call Ammaji at Mishra house. Angoori gets busy serving Ammaji. Anu asks her to talk to Ammaji.
Angoori tells Ammaji about Tiwari and Naughty Girls. Anu asks Ammaji doesn’t she have an issue with it. Ammaji tells them that it runs in the family, even Pandit Rampal used to spend time with ladies. Angoori says really? Anu stops Angoori from enjoying Ammaji’s stories. Anu asks Ammaji if is this fine with you. Ammaji says no it’s not and says I understand everything you are saying but its not Tiwari’s fault because as I said it runs in the family.

Teeka and Tillu having a drink mixing in tea. David stops them from drinking and says if you drink so much then you won’t survive at Tiwaris. Vibhu says to David why again. Saxena says I like going to Tiwari, he is so wild. Vibhu says I am worried about Bhabhiji, I have seen Bhabhiji crying. David says but this is our profession, we shouldn’t have a problem. Teeka says let’s not fight we will vote. Vibhu and Saxena say they won’t go they care about Angoori. Teeka, Tillu and David say Naughty Girls will go to Tiwari’s house. Naughty Girls go to Tiwari’s house.

Angoori is in tears seeing Tiwari enjoying with Naughty girls. Tiwari asks Angoori to make his guests drink. Anu walks in with the women’s police team. Anu says to Tiwari, you broke your promise and I even spoke to you yesterday regarding this but there is no improvement in you, I have seen so many men who cheat but no one is like you. Tiwari thinks I wish I could tell you the truth. Police pull Preet’s hair while threatening and everyone is shocked to see it’s Vibhuti, Saxena, Tillu and Teeka.

Anu asks what nonsense is this. Vibhu says this is our entertaining business. Tiwari says you have looted my money. Teeka says shut up you have fully enjoyed us. Teeka Tillu Vibhu in return complain to the police that Tiwari forced himself on them. Ammaji walks in and tells the whole truth and says Pandit Rampal saw the wrong Kundali and now has to flirt with boys.


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