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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti’s life is in danger because of Mandira

by Imran Khan


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 20th July 2023


Scene 1
Shakti is locked in the room and screams to open it. A nurse is guarding outside and thinks she can’t help her as Mandira threatened her. Shakti calls Rimjhim but her phone is on silent and doesn’t see her calling. She calls Manorama but she is sleeping. Shakti cries and says I am suffocating here.

The minister tells Mandira that you can’t fool us, we don’t need the scholarship, we just need admission for my daughter, you know what I can do against you. Mandira says stop saying big words as I believe in doing things instead of talking big. I have already played my cards right. I keep giving your party donation but your daughter doesn’t need to worry, I have already locked the problem away.

Shakti is feeling suffocated in the room and breaks the bottles by bumping into them. They are chemicals and start filling the room with poisonous gas. She says I will die here. She tries to cover her face and says I need to get out of here.

Keertan says how can I reach out to Shakti? I can’t call there.

The phone rings, Dharam picks it but no one talks. The phone rings again and Rimjhim takes it. Its Keertan and says you shouldn’t call on the landline number. She starts giving her number to him and he thinks its Shakti on the call. Manorama tries to hear it but falls down the sofa so Rimjhim cuts the call. Manorama scolds Dharam for not keeping an eye on the girls. She says I am losing both my girls.

Scene 2
Shakti is feeling suffocation and prays to get some help. She says Shivji please save me. Otherside Shiv feels like someone needs his help.

Rimjhim checks her phone and sees Shakti’s missed calls. She calls her back. Shakti tries to reach her phone but her phone falls under the rack. Rimjhim cuts the call and says it might be a mistake. Shakti starts hallucinating herself as a kid. How she was drowning in the pool and a woman tried to save her. The woman saved her. Shakti falls down and faints.

Shiv is worried and tells Nandu that I felt like someone called out to me. He starts hallucinating too. Nandu says no one is calling you. Shiv goes from there.

Keertan calls Rimjhim and they start talking. Manorama hides and sees her talking. Rimjhim ends the call and says my prince charming is going to make me his soon, she goes to sleep. Manorama takes her phone and says I need to check who she was talking to.

Shakti wakes up again and coughs. She pleads to save her. She faints again. The nurse is worried about her and tries to hear. Otherside Shiv starts looking around the hospital. Shiv comes outside the room. He asks the nurse why does she look worried? you are so pale, he prescribes her some tests and asks if someone called out to him? She says no and leaves from there. Nandu tells Shiv to lets go and eat something. He goes from there.

The manager is waiting for Shakti for her interview. Shiv hears that and says where is she? Dr. Shakti where are you? Nandu says don’t worry about her. He starts looking around for her and says she can’t lose this chance. Otherside Shakti wakes up again and goes to the door. She tries to knock but faints again and the necklace falls out of the door. Shiv says I feel like Shakti is calling out to me. He comes outside the room and says I feel like she is in trouble.

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