Maryam Noor Husband Name, Age, Profession & Family

Maryam Noor Husband Name, Age, Profession

Maryam Noor Husband Name, Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Profession, Family & More About The Husband of Maryam Noor Love & Their Wedding Pics.

Maryam Noor Husband Biography

Maryam Noor is an actress and model whose husband is Ismail Shahid Butt. Their marriage ceremony took place in November 2022, and they were married in December 2022. Let’s know some interesting details about Maryam Noor’s husband and take a closer look at what he is like.

Maryam Noor Husband Wiki/Biodata

Real Name:

Ismail Butt




31 years old

Birth Place:




Marital Status:


Home Town:




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Age & Full Name

Maryam Noor’s husband’s name is Ismail Shahid Butt and he belongs to Islamabad, Pakistan. He is currently 31 years old and was born in Islamabad, Pakistan and belongs to the Butt race.


Maryam Noor‘s husband Ismail Shahid Butt is a flight instructor by profession. His career as a pilot spanned several airlines, including international ones.

Net Worth, Salary & Income Of Source

It is estimated that Ismail’s net worth is between $1 million and $2 million that he has earned through his professional career.

Ismail Shahid Butt Net Worth

His Family

Ismail Shahid Butt and his family live in Islamabad. He got engaged to Maryam Noor on 31 March 2022. Noor and Butt have been in a relationship for a long time. Check out her engagement photos here! The couple got married in November 2022. They got married in December 2022.

Maryam Noor Wedding Photos/Pics

Maryam Noor Wedding Photos

Maryam Noor Wedding Photos

Maryam Noor Wedding Photos

Maryam Noor Wedding Photos

Maryam Noor Wedding Photos

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