How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos? – 11 Easy Ways

How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos? Get 11 Easy Steps to Increase Traffic on Your YouTube Channel. Increase Views on YouTube by Follow these Steps

How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos

You can get more traffic on your YouTube videos by following these 11 steps

1. Create Good Content

2. Improve Your Video’s Search Ranking by Doing Research

3. Have Keyword-Rich Descriptions

4. Use End Screens and CardsĀ 

5. Customise Your Thumbnails

6. Transcribing Your Video Content

7. Create a Blog Post for Each Video

8. Create Playlists

9. Work With Other Creators in Your Niche

10. Build and Facilitate a Community

11. Be Consistent

1- Create Good Content

It doesn’t matter how many advertising strategies and campaigns you use to create your video. To be successful on YouTube you need to create videos that people want to watch.

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of your content. Your content marketing will not be effective if you are not prepared to add value to your audience. First, determine what your potential customers want to know before creating a video that solves their problem.

2- Improve Your Video’s Search Ranking by Doing Research

  1. Apart from being a social media platform, YouTube also acts as a search engine similar to Google. YouTube SEO, or optimizing your video for search, is a proven way to increase video views.
  2. YouTube SEO is a powerful way to rank your videos. When uploading or editing videos to YouTube, it’s important to research and use keywords relevant to your content.
  3. Businesses, bloggers, and video marketers use this method to get their videos to rank higher in YouTube search results. This strategy involves understanding the algorithms used by YouTube and then optimizing your video for those specific needs.
  4. YouTube SEO can be done by adding keywords and tags to the description, title and tags section of the video. You should also include keywords in video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.
  5. YouTube’s algorithms consider a variety of factors to determine which videos appear in search results. You can use tools like vidIQ or TubeBuddy to do SEO research.

3- Have Keyword-Rich Descriptions

Your video description communicates your message to search engines and viewers more effectively. Being able to grab the attention of your audience is critical to ranking for long-tail keywords.

4- Use End Screens and CardsĀ 

The amount of time spent watching a video can be a good indicator of the audience’s level of interest in the topic. The more people watch your YouTube videos, the more interested they will be in what you have to say. Another benefit of building a strong relationship with your audience is that they will be more inclined to view your other content in the future.

YouTube cards are banner-like reminders that appear in the upper right corner of a video and direct viewers to a piece of content. The purpose of end screens, like cards, is to direct the most interested viewers to relevant content. When your video is ready to stop, the end screen will appear.

5- Customise Your Thumbnails

One of the most effective ways to promote your YouTube channel is to create your own YouTube thumbnail. A good title and thumbnail work together to capture the interest of your audience. Creating thumbnails for your videos is important as it makes them more attractive and helps give them a more professional look.

Creating great thumbnails requires no research. Using the same font and style throughout the template will make it more unified and consistent with your channel branding. You can do this with a basic graphic design tool like Canva.

6- Transcribing Your Video Content

When it comes to YouTube videos, there is a lot of debate about whether adding subtitles or transcripts will help you rank higher in search engines. On the other hand, closed captions increase the number of viewers on YouTube because they attract people from different countries and visually impaired people.

To get the most views from YouTube’s organic search results, you must rank high in Google search results. Many YouTubers want to take shortcuts and buy views. But that’s not a long-term solution, as YouTube’s algorithms monitor behavioural analytics more than traditional metrics like view counts.

7- Create a Blog Post for Each Video

Blogging is one way you can earn money on YouTube through traffic. You can drive traffic to your YouTube channel from your blog. Converting your videos into a blog takes a lot of work, but over time, it pays off.

Publishing videos is a proven way to improve the quality of user experience for potential customers who prefer to watch rather than read. You can embed YouTube videos in your blog posts and the views will increase.

8- Create Playlists

The playlists you create should allow people to view your content in the order they were created. When the first video ends, the rest of your videos will start playing, with each video getting more views as the series progresses.

You can increase the number of people watching your playlist by posting it on your channel, embedding it, or asking your subscribers to share it with their friends. Each must be unique and the order in which they are played must be consistent and relevant throughout the series.

9- Work With Other Creators in Your Niche

Some of YouTube’s most popular creators benefit from collaborating with other users to reach a larger audience. Get new subscribers with every video you contribute. Also, if you partner with a well-known content creator, their audience is more likely to become subscribers.

Finding the right partner is critical to a successful YouTube collaboration. You should work with creators who share your industry interests to make your videos look professional.

10- Build and Facilitate a Community

Apart from being a video sharing platform, YouTube also enables communication between creators and subscribers. So, if you want to get more views on YouTube, you should treat it like any other social media platform. Also, you need to actively engage your viewers to keep them coming back for more of your videos.

If someone asks a question, please take the time to provide a helpful answer to encourage other viewers to comment. If you are fully engaged, it will be easier for you to build your brand in the space of loyal subscribers.

11- Be Consistent

It takes time to get a lot of YouTube views. The platform has its own rules for consistent and consistent delivery of high-quality video content to viewers.

Try to build lots of active subscribers using the above tips and you will see that most of your views will bring you more income as they will monetize your YouTube channel.