Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar traps Sam

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th July 2023

The Episode starts with Surili seeing Shiv and rushing to him. She asks him to get up. Sam sees Mithi in the club. She says I got the free passes. He says lets enjoy then. They go to take mocktails. Sam says no alcohol.Samar bribes the man and says you know what to do. The man spikes the drinks. Sam and Mithi drink. They get high. Sam and Mithi dance. Samar sends a guy to Sam. The guy says Sam, I got drugs for you, you will never forget this night. The guy records Sam. Samar smiles and says Maa, just see what I do. Surili worries for Shiv. Shiv says if you worry so much for me… He gets up and smiles. He says how will you live without me, listen to me. She scolds him.

He says accept it that you love me. She asks him to return home. He says sorry, I promised my mum, I will get her eldest bahu back. Sam says no, Bhabhi said no negativity. Samar says unbelievable. Mithi falls in Sam’s arms. Sam says she fainted, I m taking her home. Samar laughs. Surili cries. Diya looks on and goes. Samar switches off the lights. Ranimaa asks what happened to the lights. Raghu says I don’t know. Samar says I will see. Sam gets Mithi in his arms. Samar switches on the lights. Everyone is shocked seeing Sam and Mithi. Raghu says everyone is breaking rules and falling in love, amazing.

He asks Sam did you both drink. He scolds Sam. Samar stops Raghu. He says Sam is your brother. Ranimaa scolds Sam. She asks Veera to take Mithi to her room. Veera takes Mithi. Mithi says it was fun, Sam you are too cute. Raghu gets angry. Samar says calm down, come. Ranimaa says I will talk to Mithi and you tomorrow. Maan takes Sam.

Surili makes Diya ready. She goes to get the water bottle. Diya goes to Shiv. Shiv asks where is washroom. Diya asks him to come. He runs to the cafe’s washroom. He thanks Diya. She asks him to think to convince Surili. She says I have an idea. She tells him. He says amazing, how did you get this idea. She says from movies, I watch many movies. He thanks her. She asks him to hide, Surili is coming, Surili and Diya leave. Surili looks for Shiv. Maan calls her and asks about Shiv. Shiv checks his phone and says it got dead. Maan asks did everything get sorted. She says some wounds can’t heal. Shiv sneezes. She asks who is there. Maan says you both have much love and understanding, I know everything will get fine, just come back soon, take care. She asks him to take care and keep writing poetry. She sees Mudu and asks him to take care. He goes to clean the place.

Ranimaa scolds Sam. Maan asks her to forgive Sam. She says you went to the club with the maid. Samar asks her to keep patience. He says I will handle Sam and this situation also, trust me. She says no, I can’t put my family responsibility on you. Samar says they are like my younger brothers, you called me a family member. He defends Sam. He says its not anyone’s mistake, I have an idea, we should give him business responsibilities to Sam, Shiv would have done the same, if you permit, then shall I take his place, I mean I can teach business ethics to Sam. Maan says there is no one more capable than Shiv, Shiv is right for Sam. Raghu says Shiv can pay attention if he has time for us, Samar did a lot for us. Maan says Shiv will come back soon. Ranimaa says Raghu is right, Maan. She says Samar, you have proved your loyalty, I trust you, I give you Sam’s responsibility, just get him to the right path. Samar smiles and thinks I will make your every support away, you will die.


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