YouTube SEO for Starters to get High Rank 1 – Tips

YouTube SEO for Starters | How to Optimize Videos & High Rank 2023 ? SEO Tips, Factors & others for YouTube Beginners. SEO for Starters Guidance Step by Step.

YouTube SEO for Starters

Video content is an unparalleled tool when it comes to telling a story to the public, and its popularity is increasing as more advanced technology hits the market. Humans have almost always enjoyed, sometimes even relied on, video content. Fun fact: Movies helped get us out of the Great Depression.

Since then video has only become more common (hello, Internet!), useful, and better produced. Today, YouTube is accessible in seconds from almost anywhere in the world.

But now, with so many people uploading video to the Web, and all the video content already on the Internet increasing in volume dramatically every day, marketers are wondering how to make their content “stand out from the rest.” Can I ?

Use these basic and advanced tips to help you and your content team succeed against other video publishers who don’t take advantage of a video optimization strategy.

YouTube SEO for Starters Tips to Rank High 2023 – Top 10

1- Use keywords in title and description: Include relevant keywords in the title and description of your videos. This will help your videos appear in search results when people search for those keywords.

2- Create a descriptive and concise title: Make sure your title accurately reflects the content of your video and is short enough to entice viewers to click and watch.

3- Add Tags: Use relevant tags for your video, as this will make it easier for people to find your content in search results.

4- Use Closed Captions: Closed captions not only improve accessibility, but they also help search engine optimization because they give Google more context about your video.

5- Encourage engagement: Encourage your viewers to like, comment and share your videos. The more engagement your video gets, the higher it will rank in search results.

6- Optimize your video thumbnail: Choose a thumbnail that accurately represents your video and is attractive enough to encourage people to click.

7- Collaborate with other YouTubers: Collaborating with other YouTubers can help increase your visibility and reach.

8- Promote your videos on social media: Share your videos on social media and encourage your followers to watch, like and share.

9- Use video SEO tools: Use video SEO tools to optimize your videos for search engines and track their performance.

10- Create a consistent upload schedule: Consistency is key to building a loyal audience, so make sure to upload videos regularly.

Important Note:

It is important to note that to start making money from YouTube, you must meet eligibility requirements, such as at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months, and be a partner of YouTube Comply with Policies of the program. Read FAQ for more information about YouTube Monetization & Earning from YouTube. FAQ for Earning Money on YouTube.

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YouTube SEO Checklist – Best 12

1. Choose the desired keywords for your video: It can be a topic, a question or a very specific question. If you’re not sure what the right keyword is to target, use a keyword research tool or browse YouTube’s library of existing content for inspiration.

2. Add the target keyword to the file name: Do not use spaces between each word, use hyphens (-) or underscores (_).

3. Add the desired keyword to the title: Next, include your desired keywords in your video title, but be creative and make sure it sounds natural. You don’t want the title to just be “[cured]”. The title is the first thing viewers will see, so try to create intrigue and interest by promising to help viewers in some way.

4. Include keywords as well as variations of keywords in the video description: Video descriptions are the lifeblood of your YouTube SEO starters strategy. Write a natural description with 1-2 mentions of your desired keyword as well as variations of that keyword.

5. Add relevant tags to your video: While most users don’t use tags to search for videos, they can help YouTube’s algorithm rank your video and show it to the right audience. Add about 5-8 industry tags, making sure not to overdo it so you don’t get marked as spam.

6. Add your video category: While not as specific as tags, categories help viewers find your video and help YouTube’s algorithm understand what your video is about. Categories run on the homepage, explore page, and sidebar menu.

Next 6 are Most Important

7. Upload a custom video thumbnail: Create a thumbnail that includes your keyword variation or a short clickable phrase (like “1000 organic followers fast!”). As mentioned, you must verify your YouTube channel to access custom thumbnail uploads.

8. Add subtitles: Subtitles and closed captions are an essential accessibility component for your videos. They indirectly help you optimize for YouTube search by giving YouTube a text version of your video content.

9. Add cards and end screens that relate to the theme of your video: Cards correspond to internal and external links, and end screens allow you to engage viewers during those crucial last few seconds when a viewer might be tempted to click on other content.

10. Add hashtags to your video: Hashtags are different from tags. They appear above your video title and help increase your reach and authority by explaining what your video is about.

11. Create a playlist around your general theme: One of the best ways to optimize YouTube videos is to create playlists. Finding some relevant videos and putting them in a playlist will not only attract more viewers, but it will also help YouTube’s algorithm understand how your video is related to others in its upload library. Is.

12. Optional: Leave a pinned comment to increase engagement or provide more value. As a brand, you can and should comment on your videos, not only to respond to others, but to provide more value to your readers.

Now most of the SEO tips above are based on targeting your keywords and promoting your video properly. And all these tips cannot be done by YouTube alone. To get the most out of your videography investment, consider some of the tools below to optimize your video for search.

YouTube SEO Tools – Free or Paid

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer



VidIQ Vision



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YouTube SEO Ranking Factors for Beginners

Relevance: Include factors such as title, hashtags, description and the content of the video itself.

Engagement: includes factors such as likes, subscriptions, comments, notification activations, and watch time.

Quality: This includes signals that can help determine which channels demonstrate expertise, authority, and credibility on a particular topic.

Personalization: YouTube tries to find the most relevant results for each user based on the user’s search and viewing history.

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