Udaariyaan 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat tells the truth to Alia

Udaariyaan 20th July 2023

The Episode starts with Ekam and Nehmat promising Alia and cheering her up. They take the kids outside for an icecream party. Alia asks them to have it. A girl asks are they your parents. Alia says yes. Ekam sees Nehmat. Renuka packs Harleen’s things. Alia stops her. Renuka says we will donate this. Alia asks why, she will come. She asks Ekam to stop Renuka. Renuka says she won’t come. Alia says she will come, call her, I want her. Nehmat says listen to me. Alia says no, you also lie to me, when will mum come, where is she. Ekam says you are a good girl, don’t do this. Alia says you are also lying, I want Maa. She asks Harleen to come. She cries. Ekam hugs her. Nehmat goes. Ekam says I m with you, we will keep the things back, come. Nehmat talks to Ruhi. Ruhi says Alia is already in trauma, tell her the truth, else she will never accept this.

Nehmat asks how shall I tell her. Ruhi says please tell her, else she will not be able to accept this. Nehmat goes to Ekam. She says we have to tell her the truth. Ekam asks what will we tell her that her mum has passed away. She says yes, I spoke to my counsellor friend, she said we should tell this to her. Alia says Renuka is bad, Harleen will come. She asks her to leave. Nehmat says she won’t accept this later, we should tell her. Ekam says no, she is my daughter, I will decide this for her. He gets a call and says I m going to police station for emergency, don’t do anything. He asks Alia to take care, don’t cry and set the things back. He hugs Alia.

Cherry asks Nehmat to think again. Nehmat says Alia will break down, but we will handle her. Alia hugs her and says don’t leave me, you promised me. Nehmat says fine, you have to believe me, I will tell you a real story. Nehmat says we will put these things in that pit. Alia asks why. Everyone cries. Nehmat says come here, when I was young like you, my mum and dad became stars, when we love someone a lot, and they go away from us, they become stars and see us from there, Harleen has become a star. Alia cries. Nehmat says I had put their belongings in a pit. Alia asks shall I also do it. Nehmat helps her. Alia puts the cards and other things in the pit. She thinks of Harleen. Nehmat says Harleen will send you much blessings. Harleen is at a hospital. Alia makes a letter for Harleen. She leaves the note with the balloons. She hugs Nehmat and cries.

Renuka says Nehmat did right by doing this, Alia will move on now. Cherry says I wish Ekam also thinks the same, Ekam and Harleen raised Alia. The lady says Harleen is alive, it’s a month now, will she get saved. Doctor says she should get conscious, where did you get her. The lady says at the riverside, we are poor people, we did our best to help her. Ekam says I told you not to do this, Nehmat told the truth to Alia. He gets angry. Nehmat sees the kids sleeping. She sees Harleen’s pic and feels sorry. Ekam comes and scolds her. He asks her not to touch Harleen’s things.

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